Dogs: $20 / day

Cats: $15 / day

Daily stay $15 per dog

Evening Drop Off: $5

Multiple Pet Discount $2 / day in same kennel

Administer Medication: $3 / day

Injection: $3.50 / day

Walk /Extra playtime (20 minutes): $3.50 /day


Pick Up and Delivery service available: Pricing varies depending on location


Method of payment: Cash, Check, Credit / Debit Card

During the Summer months, we offer pool time.  Your dog will get 20 mins. of pool time one-on-one with an employee.  This will also include a video of your dog enjoying his pool time.  You can pick how many days you want your dog to play in the pool.  (weather permitting)


Price  -  $5.00 per. each 20 mins.